Library Management using ASP.Net MVC (Part 1) Books CRUD Function

This tutorial is about creating a library management system using mvc and in this part you will learn how to create a Model for your data, add the needed data annotation and scaffold a basic crud application for your model. Before we start coding we should identify first the user’s problem that we are […]

MEAN app with Angular 4 (Part 5) Saving data to MongoDb

In this part we will post a data from angular to node.js and save it to mongoDb. I’m going to use mlab for mongoDb. If you don’t have an account yet with mlab, you can register at Login to your mlab account. Then in create new MongoDb. Select the amazon web services as cloud provider […]

MEAN app with Angular 4 (Part 4) Angular Form and Routing

This is the continuation of my tutorial of angular 4. In this part you will learn how to bind angular models to input fields and setup angular routing. Angular Form and Data Binding Let’s start by creating a form for new event. Open your angular project then add new file called events-register.component.ts inside your app […]

MEAN app with Angular 4 (Part 3) Displaying the data using Angular Material

In this article we will be using Angular Material to display the data in the front end. In installing angular material it is good to follow the instruction in their website. You can read the instruction in Angular Material getting started page. Setting up Angular Material Open your angular project using your visual studio code editor […]

MEAN app with Angular 4 (Part 2) Getting the data using Angular

In this part we will create an angular service to make a get request to the backend to get the events data. Creating Angular Service Open your angular project using visual studio code. Then create a file name “app.service.ts” inside the src->app folder. Then copy and paste this code inside that file. What we did […]

MEAN app with Angular 4 (Part 1) Setting up a development environment

This article will help you to get started with Angular 4 and Node.js. After finishing this tutorial you will have the basic knowledge that you need to create your own Angular application. In this tutorial I will assume that you already have experience in programming, but haven’t tried the angular 4. In this tutorial we […]