C++ Displaying Text on Screen

In this article, we are going to learn how to display text on the screen using C++. I am using a Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition. You can download it for free on this link Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition. After installing, Step 1: Open Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition Step 2: Click File -> […]

Reading excel file using C# and ExcelDataReader

I want to introduce you in a library that I usually used to read excel file in C#. It’s called ExcelDataReader, it’s lightweight library for reading excel files. I will not discuss more about it, you can just to the github repository to the details about it. Create a new Windows Forms Project. Then add […]

Library Management using ASP.Net MVC (Part 3) Adding the Customers

In this article you will learn about Entity Framework code first migration. In the first part we use Entity Framework code first to create the book model. Code first allows us to focus on creating classes for our domain requirements rather than designing a database first then create a classes to match our database. We […]

Library Management using ASP.Net MVC (Part 2) Request Lifecycle

It is important to understand the request lifecycle in ASP.Net MVC before we proceed with other tutorials. In this article I will briefly discuss to you how the ASP.Net MVC handles the request. When we make http request in our MVC application it will look for the registered routes in URL Routing Module to determine […]